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This is a flyer that discourages school integration created by the KKK. In large font is written "Stop Busing! Save Our Free Public Schools." In the bottom left is the KKK emblem, a hooded Klansman on horseback with their slogan "The Klan: Yesterday,…

This political cartoon depicts Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools as the doorknob, and "A willingness to work out our problems lawfully" as the key.

In this Eugene Payne political drawing, the "South", symbolized by a woman, looks down nervously at a black puddle labeled "school desegregation." Nixon, portrayed as a gentleman, prepares to lay his coat, be-speckled with dollar signs, on the puddle…

This is the cover of a booklet printed by the NAACP in 1975 on the busing situation in Boston. On the cover, many people are seen marching in an urban area of Boston. They are carrying a banner that reads in part: "Desegregate Boston Schools Now."

This is the cover of a booklet featuring a debate on issues of integration between two personalities. The cover is pink, black, and white.

This is an image taken from the booklet "Understanding School Desegregation." It depicts both black and white children sitting at their desks in a classroom.

This is the cover of a booklet entitled "Understanding School Desegregation." The main colors are white, black, and purple, and on the cover are two desks, white and black.

This is the Charlotte Observer from March 23, 1970 featuring an image of Judge McMillan from the Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education case. The headline reads "Here's What Judge McMillan Found."

This is the back cover of "The Facts About Busing." Credits and other information appears on the bottom.

These are pages 10-11 in "The Facts About Busing." Text only.
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