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This is a bumper sticker with a pro-voting message. In full, it reads: If You Don't Vote Don't Squawk: Register"


This is a photograph of local NAACP leader Kelly Alexander speaking to a crowd.

This is a flyer printed by the NAACP advocating for registration and voting. An "Uncle Same" figure is depicted pointing toward the reader emphasize the importance of the whole message.

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This is the cover of an NAACP pamphlet advocating for federal aid to only go to schools who have complied with the orders to desegregate schools.

This is a paper ribbon for members, presumably from a NAACP convention. At the bottom, "Fight for Freedom!" is written.

This is a flyer advertising the NAACP in Charlotte and asking for more members. The flyer details certain activities the branch participated in.

This is a blue ribbon made for an official at a convention for the NAACP. It is blue and features the NAACP seal.


This is the cover of a booklet printed by the NAACP defending their patriotic intentions. On the cover, an American flag is displayed prominently.


This is a request that Kelly Alexander and his wife filed in the 1956-1957 school year to transfer their son to an integrated school. For the specific reason why they wanted a transfer out of Myers Street School, they wrote, "It is not a desegregated…

This is a photograph of Kelly Alexander shaking hands with Gus Roberts. Roberts is in his military uniform. Roberts desegregated Central High School in 1957.
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