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This is the cover of a booklet featuring a debate on issues of integration between two personalities. The cover is pink, black, and white.

second ward.insidecover.jpg
This is the spread taken from a yearbook depicting the front doors to Second Ward School in Charlotte, NC.

This is a request that Kelly Alexander and his wife filed in the 1956-1957 school year to transfer their son to an integrated school. For the specific reason why they wanted a transfer out of Myers Street School, they wrote, "It is not a desegregated…

This is a flyer advertising the NAACP in Charlotte and asking for more members. The flyer details certain activities the branch participated in.

This is the Charlotte Observer from March 23, 1970 featuring an image of Judge McMillan from the Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education case. The headline reads "Here's What Judge McMillan Found."

This is the letter that Darius Swann wrote to the school board asking for their son, James, to be transferred to an integrated school in 1964. He lists three main reasons for why their son should be transferred. The appeal was denied.

In 1948, the NAACP hired a professor from Howard University to study Charlotte schools in order to document the inequality. In this graph, school subjects taught in white schools often did not appear in black schools.

This is a graph prepared by Dr. Martin Jenkins for the NAACP in his report on the state of inequality in Charlotte schools in 1948. This graph depicts physical inequality, such as the presence of a gymnasium at each white school but not at the black…

This is a photograph of Luther Hodges, governor of North Carolina through much of the 1950s. He is seen here sitting down and speaking at an event.

This is a cartoon drawn by Eugene Payne depicting Charlotte's reaction to the bombing of four civil rights leaders' homes in November 1965. "Charlotte's Complacency" wakes up after the bombings.
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