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This is a cartoon drawn by Eugene Payne depicting Charlotte's reaction to the bombing of four civil rights leaders' homes in November 1965. "Charlotte's Complacency" wakes up after the bombings.

This is another cartoon drawn by Eugene Payne. A trick-or-treater with the appearance of someone old is at the door of the federal court. The bomb of "Recent Court Ruling" is about to be given to the school board.

This is a graph prepared by Dr. Martin Jenkins for the NAACP in his report on the state of inequality in Charlotte schools in 1948. This graph depicts physical inequality, such as the presence of a gymnasium at each white school but not at the blackā€¦

This is a flyer advertising the NAACP in Charlotte and asking for more members. The flyer details certain activities the branch participated in.

This is a photo depicting the destruction of Fred Alexander's home from a homemade bomb in November 1965. Fred Alexander looks on as other repair part of the damage to his home.

This is a brightly painted postcard featuring Second Ward School, one of the two main black schools in Charlotte.

This is a postcard of Central High School in Charlotte. It is a painted representation featuring bright colors.
This is a postcard featuring five new schools in Charlotte. The schools are Fourth Ward, Elizabeth, Wesley Heights, First Ward, and North Charlotte Graded School.
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