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This is another cartoon drawn by Eugene Payne. A trick-or-treater with the appearance of someone old is at the door of the federal court. The bomb of "Recent Court Ruling" is about to be given to the school board.

This is a request that Kelly Alexander and his wife filed in the 1956-1957 school year to transfer their son to an integrated school. For the specific reason why they wanted a transfer out of Myers Street School, they wrote, "It is not a desegregated…

This is the cover of a NAACP-printed pamphlet called "Crawling Desegregation." A snail is also displayed in the background. At the bottom, an abstract of the pamphlet's message appears.

In this Eugene Payne political drawing, the "South", symbolized by a woman, looks down nervously at a black puddle labeled "school desegregation." Nixon, portrayed as a gentleman, prepares to lay his coat, be-speckled with dollar signs, on the puddle…

This is the cover of a booklet printed by the NAACP in 1975 on the busing situation in Boston. On the cover, many people are seen marching in an urban area of Boston. They are carrying a banner that reads in part: "Desegregate Boston Schools Now."

This is the cover of a booklet entitled "Understanding School Desegregation." The main colors are white, black, and purple, and on the cover are two desks, white and black.

This is the back cover of "The Facts About Busing." Credits and other information appears on the bottom.

These are pages 10-11 in "The Facts About Busing." Text only.

These are pages 8-9 in "The Facts About Busing." There is text throughout explaining the benefits and legalities of busing.

These are pages 6-7 in "The Facts About Busing." There is text on the bottom of the pages and cartoons in the supper corners.
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