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This image displays the cover of a booklet printed in 1959 in response to the threat of the Pearsall Plan in North Carolina. A stoplight appears on the left side of the cover.

Governor Luther Hodges spoke out against desegregation and called for North Carolinians to promote "voluntary segregation" even after the Supreme Court order made such action illegal. This brochure contains a radio speech Hodges made on the issue in…

...You're in Klan Country.jpg
This is the second page in the spread from the Fiery Cross, the Ku Klux Klan magazine. It depicts six images of Klansmen marching and demonstrating in various locations throughout North Carolina.

When you're in NC...jpg
This is the left side of a full page spread in The Fiery Cross, the KKK magazine. This page features Klansmen marching, making speeches, etc. with captions below each image.
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