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This image displays the cover of a booklet printed in 1959 in response to the threat of the Pearsall Plan in North Carolina. A stoplight appears on the left side of the cover.

This is a graph prepared by Dr. Martin Jenkins for the NAACP in his report on the state of inequality in Charlotte schools in 1948. This graph depicts physical inequality, such as the presence of a gymnasium at each white school but not at the black…

In 1948, the NAACP hired a professor from Howard University to study Charlotte schools in order to document the inequality. In this graph, school subjects taught in white schools often did not appear in black schools.

This is a request that Kelly Alexander and his wife filed in the 1956-1957 school year to transfer their son to an integrated school. For the specific reason why they wanted a transfer out of Myers Street School, they wrote, "It is not a desegregated…

This is a brightly painted postcard featuring Second Ward School, one of the two main black schools in Charlotte.

This is a postcard of Central High School in Charlotte. It is a painted representation featuring bright colors.
This is a postcard featuring five new schools in Charlotte. The schools are Fourth Ward, Elizabeth, Wesley Heights, First Ward, and North Charlotte Graded School.

This is a flyer that discourages school integration created by the KKK. In large font is written "Stop Busing! Save Our Free Public Schools." In the bottom left is the KKK emblem, a hooded Klansman on horseback with their slogan "The Klan: Yesterday,…

This is an image taken from the booklet "Understanding School Desegregation." It depicts both black and white children sitting at their desks in a classroom.

This is the cover of a booklet entitled "Understanding School Desegregation." The main colors are white, black, and purple, and on the cover are two desks, white and black.
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