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This is a photograph of local NAACP leader Kelly Alexander speaking to a crowd.

This is a flyer printed by the NAACP advocating for registration and voting. An "Uncle Same" figure is depicted pointing toward the reader emphasize the importance of the whole message.

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This is the cover of an NAACP pamphlet advocating for federal aid to only go to schools who have complied with the orders to desegregate schools.

This is a paper ribbon for members, presumably from a NAACP convention. At the bottom, "Fight for Freedom!" is written.

This is a flyer advertising the NAACP in Charlotte and asking for more members. The flyer details certain activities the branch participated in.

This is a blue ribbon made for an official at a convention for the NAACP. It is blue and features the NAACP seal.


This is the cover of a booklet printed by the NAACP defending their patriotic intentions. On the cover, an American flag is displayed prominently.


Taken from the inside of "The Supreme Court Order on School Desegregation," this sample petition gives readers an idea on how to ask their local school to desegregate.

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This is a pamphlet printed by the NAACP in 1955 explaining the Brown v. Board of Education decision. On this particular one, Kelly Alexander signed the cover with a blue pen.

This is a brochure printed by the NAACP with an address by Roy Wilkins, the longtime executive chairman of the organization. In this image, only the cover is viewable. Inside, the entire text appears from a speech delivered on June 26, 1955 to theā€¦
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