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This is an image taken from the 1971 WCHS yearbook depicting a white male and black mail clasping hands. Underneath, the caption reads "As Friends."

This is a photo of the Thespians Aesthetic Society at WCHS in 1971. Both black and white students are seen sitting and posing for the camera in an auditorium.

This is a photo of the National Honor Society at West Charlotte in 1971. The students are standing around two parked buses.

This is a photo with the students of the Executive Council at West Charlotte in 1971. Both white and black students are noticeable as they pose for the camera.

This image shows cheerleaders from WCHS in 1971 posing for the camera. They are wearing their uniforms. Both white and black cheerleaders are present.

This is a collage put together by the yearbook staff at WCHS in 1971 focusing on the many headlines of desegregation that previous year.

This is an opening description and dedication of the yearbook in 1971 by the WCHS Yearbook staff. They reflected positively on the change that happened over the course of the previous year where many of them were bused into WCHS for the first time.

This is the title page of the 1971 WCHS Yearbook: The Lion.

This is the outer cover of the WCHS Yearbook in 1971: The Lion

This is the outside cover of the 1970 WCHS Yearbook: The Lion.
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