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This image displays the cover of a booklet printed in 1959 in response to the threat of the Pearsall Plan in North Carolina. A stoplight appears on the left side of the cover.

This is a political cartoon drawn on 10/11/1967 by the Charlotte Observer's Eugene Payne. A surprised tortoise labeled "Deep South School Integration" is surprised by a firecracker detonated by the arm of the Supreme Court.

This is a flyer that discourages school integration created by the KKK. In large font is written "Stop Busing! Save Our Free Public Schools." In the bottom left is the KKK emblem, a hooded Klansman on horseback with their slogan "The Klan: Yesterday,…

This is the cover of a booklet featuring a debate on issues of integration between two personalities. The cover is pink, black, and white.

This is an image taken from the booklet "Understanding School Desegregation." It depicts both black and white children sitting at their desks in a classroom.

This is the back cover of "The Facts About Busing." Credits and other information appears on the bottom.

This is a photo of the Thespians Aesthetic Society at WCHS in 1971. Both black and white students are seen sitting and posing for the camera in an auditorium.

This is a photo of the National Honor Society at West Charlotte in 1971. The students are standing around two parked buses.

This is a photo with the students of the Executive Council at West Charlotte in 1971. Both white and black students are noticeable as they pose for the camera.
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